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What is a cross connection?
A cross connection is a link or structural arrangement where potable water in a distribution system can be exposed to unwanted contaminants. It is the point at which it is possible for a non-potable substance to come in contact with the drinking water system. Cross connections are generally unintentional and can happen anywhere pipes supply water.

What is a backflow?
Backflow is the reverse flow of undesirable materials and contaminants into the water mains. Backflow can happen because of two conditions: backpressure and backsiphonage. 

Backpressure occurs when pressure in a pipe connected to a main pipe in the distribution system becomes greater than the pressure in the main pipe itself. When this happens, a net force acts on the volume of liquid in the connecting pipe, allowing unwanted material to enter the main pipe. 

Backsiphonage refers to a situation where the pressure in a service pipe is less than the atmospheric pressure. If water in a supply line is turned off, such as when a pump fails, backsiphonage can cause contamination to be sucked into the system due to a vacuum in the service line. 

If a cross connection exists in a system, it does not mean that there will be a backflow every time. But, where cross connections exist, there is always the possibility.

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